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Chapter 2: The good start to a bad end:

It was almost two months since you and Arthur met. You soon known many facts about the guy you had a crush on. His name is Alfred F. Jones, also known as "The hero". Not long ago, you two met around a month ago and started becoming friends. Although some warn you about being his friend. They say that when girls like you become his friend, not long after, they either run away or move to somewhere else at the last day of school when they least expect it all because of a prank that was the same, but you didn't know what it was. They even say he was the official bully at the school and bully around both boys and girls. 

One day, You and Alfred were hanging out together. 

"Say Alfred, Why do you hang out with me?" 
"What do you mean? I mean, can't a guy like me hang out with girls?" 
"I mean as in why hang out with a nerd like me?"
Alfred gave a confused look. As soon as he did he said, "you seem special...". 
You gave a look that says 'are you serious' and you were just curious. 
"I mean, girls like you may have glasses and braces, but at least your a little cuter.". 
"Are you sure?" 
"Well yeah dude, I mean, other girls have like pimples and warts and something weird like that, but you just have a clear face, except for the glasses and braces you know?". 
"Oh. well to tell you the truth, I'm going to get my braces off soon and I actually have contact lenses." you said with a little smile. 
"WHAT?! Why didn't you put on the contact lenses?!" Alfred said kinda disappointed and upset at the same time. 
"Cause I thought my eyes would hurt if I do.". 
"Aw man! you would have looked so cute!" Alfred said, whining about how adorable you would look. 

"Also," you said but stop for a moment looking down. Alfred soon stopped whining for a moment and looked at you with concern eyes. "I used to be pretty popular at my old school..." you said quietly to yourself. "You were?" "yeah, I used to be in karate, wrestling and more sports like that, and I was always the captain of some teams. I used to be skilled at fighting." you said looking away from Alfred. "Whoa dude! I didn't know you were good at those kinds of things! But, how did you become this?" he said. "Well, I thought of quitting popularity so I can have better grades. so I got glasses and braces a little later." you said. "Oh. so when are you going to get your braces off?" he said. "around the end of the school year, I guess." you said. Alfred suddenly froze when you said that. "Hey, you alright?" you said, worried about Alfred's behavior. "uh...uh.. I gotta go now." He said, shaking with fear and ran away. "Wait! was it something I said?!" You said, more worried when he ran off. He was soon gone as soon as you knew it. "I wonder what happened?"

*time skip~!*

It was the end of the school year and your last class was almost over. "*sigh* thank goodness that it's almost over!" you said to yourself quietly. Someone soon passed you a note to you, but you didn't know who. soon you read the letter. It said:

go to the gym at 3:40.'

you also didn't know who sent it to you. After class, everyone started to leave school, while you on the other hand packed you things up from school. Soon enough, Alfred ran to you in a hurry. You two didn't talk to each other since that time you told him your gonna get your braces off today. "Hey (name), would you mind if you can come with me to see this school around some more?" Alfred said, smiling happily as usual. "Sure!" you said, happy to see him before summer break. "Great!" Alfred said, as he took your hand and lead you down memory lane. Soon enough, you two went to the gym. 

"Say Alfred, what time is it?" 
"3:40, why?" 
"well, cause someone advised me to come here at 3:40." 
"Really? Is that so?"

'wait till she sees this!', he thought. "Alright, close your eyes, (Name)" Alfred said. So you closed your eyes, wondering what's going to happen. Alfred leads you forward a little. "Alright, you can open your eyes!" You opened your eyes in the dark gym. Alfred was about to turn on the lights. "Alright then! surprise!" After you opened your eyes, (your favorite color) paint splashed on you. Soon enough, other colors came in splashing on you. then, a bunch of glitter and feathers dumped on you. Last but not least, a pile of dirt, mud, and other things that are sincerely gross splat on you. When Alfred turned on the lights with a smile on his face, a camera flashed in front of the gym. When you looked around, most of the school was laughing at you. Although, the only ones that weren't laughing were Arthur and some others. Alfred was going to the Bad Touch Trio. "Dude, that was so funny!" Alfred said laughing his heart out. "I know right!! Kesesese~!" said Gilbert. "Although, I feel bad for the little chica." Antonio said smiling at you. You felt like you were about to cry. But what you forgot is that you had German blood. So you felt like a surge of anger was taken place. "Hey, are you okay?" said Arthur. You soon started to shake of your innocence, and let out the German in you. "ZHAT'S TIS ENOUGH!" you said in a loud german accent. Soon everyone turned to you kinda shocked at what you said. "VHY VOULD YOU DO ZOMETHING ZO FOOLISH! YOU ALL ARE A BUNCH OF IDIOTS VITH NO SUCH SOULS! I VATHER DIE ZHEN BE VITH ALL OF YOU. BUT RIGHT NOW, I HATE YOU ALL! ALL OF YOU WHO LAUGHED AT MEIN FACE! BUT MOST OF ALL,-" you turn to Alfred, walk towards him and had him thrown in the air and fights him like a character from street fighters. Meanwhile Kiku pretends you were a video game character that he's controlling. "Hey Kiku, what are you doing?" Said Feli. "I'm pretending (Name)-san is a video game character. "oh." Said Feli. Soon enough, he joins japan and see how it turns out. 

After the fight, You stepped on the beaten-to-a-pulp Alfred and said, "Say hello to your new creation, Alfred.".  Soon enough, you walked out of the gym with everyone terrified and shocked.

' thanks for making a monster out of me.
2nd chapter... how is it so far? leave a comment and tell me what you think. thank you! 

Hetalia dosen't belong to me, but the story does.

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WolfyAce Featured By Owner May 2, 2015  Hobbyist Writer
This is practically shouting, "If you have braces and glasses, you must be an ugly geek! What a shame to waste what could have been a little decent."
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YOU DON'T KNOW HOW LUCKY YOU ARE THAT I DIDN'T GO INTO SPANISH MODE, ALFRED! NOW, I NEED TO HAVE A CHAT WITH SPAIN!!!! PAPA, COME OUT HERE RIGHT NOW!!!!! Great story, loved it, 12/10, when's the next part where Reader-chan/I get to beat him up~?
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